Welcome to the Luxstay.net website (the “Website”). The main and only purpose of this Website is to provide an online surface that provides information of accommodations to people who are looking to rent such places (collectively, the “Service”). The terms “we,” “us,” “our,” and “Luxstay” that are used lately will refer to Luxstay Inc, while the term “you” refers to the customer who are visiting, accessing and taking advantage of the Website.

   Organizations and individuals involved in e-commerce transactions on Luxstay trading platform are willing to engage in the light of legitimate rights and interests of each other through service contracts and does not contravene the provisions of law. We assume no responsibility for information posted on this Website by others, including, but not limited to users and advertisers. We also assume no responsibility for the actions of users through the Service or the Website or as a result of their use of the Service or the Website.

  • The Website provides information of listings information that posted by Luxstay management board with the purpose to fulfill guests desire to rent accommodations.
  • The information that has been posted on Luxstay.net need to be complied with all the applicable laws, not in the case of trading-banned or advertisement-banned in accordance with the law.
  • We also act like a communication channel between hosts and guests and may resolve any disputes between two parties.
  • The use of Website and Service need to be done openly and transparently to ensure the rights and protections of members and users.

You are responsible for any and all costs associated with using the Website or the Service.






User – individuals who accessing to Luxstay.net

Member – registered users who have been signed up and finished the progress of creating accounts on Luxstay.net

Accommodations – any home or apartment that signed a contract with Luxstay Assets Management Company and agree to provide information for rent on Luxstay.net

Customers – any person who has successfully used the Service





   The Website is designed to fully support users, members and customers to rent accommodations throughout the country. Users can register their own Luxstay account by:


   There is a “Register” section that can be found on the top right corner of the Website, after clicking it, there are several ways for users to create their own account

  • By entering personal email address, fill in the “password”, then confirm the password once again, the registration process has been completed
  • Users can also use Facebook or Google to sign up an account.




   Members are not allowed to post directly on the Website, instead, if you want to post or list your accommodations, you will have to contact our customer service department. After that, we shall publish your information on the Website to make such information assessable to users, customers and other members.





   When members, users and customers want to rent any accommodations via the Website, there are few steps that you need to follow:

1.   Doing careful search on the right and suitable listings on Luxstay.net and come up with the final decision.

2.   After finding an appropriate place, you can book directly on Luxstay.net or contact via our hotline posted on the Website.

3.   After complete the booking process, you will have an obligation to complete the payment within 24 hours starting from the moment you receive Luxstay’s booking confirmation.

4.   We require all our partners, including but not limited to, house and/or apartment owners, and hotels, to provide complete, accurate, detailed and truthful information relating to the rental, leasing property that has been listed on the Website.

5.   All acts of deception, fraud, fraud in the transaction are to be condemned and must bear full responsibility under the applicable law.

Online payment process:

Luxstay provides the following forms of payment:

1.    Online payment via ATM domestically and internationally

2.    Transfer payment via bank account

3.    Direct payment at Luxstay company

Luxstay will guarantee the following services criteria:

  • We offer the most reasonable price and the best service
  • We commit the quality and standards of the accommodations will best suits the descriptions on our listings
  • We also offer some services, include, airport picking up , touring, translating and other attractive programs

In case our customers find our services are unable to be used, It is our responsibility to:

  • Upgraded the accommodations and provide much better services
  • Bundle other free services
  • Offer substitute accommodation which has similar or better quality
  • In the worst case, we will consider to refund for our customers if the responsibility fully lies on us.





   After receiving any complaints about the Service, we will contact with the hosts and request for explanation and contact details to resolve the disputes. Luxstay is willing to become a communication point that connects hosts and customers. We encourage our customers to settle the dispute on the basis of negotiation. You are responsible for updating the situation to Luxstay, we will identify the information and verify the situation to resolve any dispute.


   After 3 days of unable contacting with the hosts, who involve in the dispute, or contacted but they refuse to proactively resolve the problem, the signed contract between the hosts and Luxstay will be terminated immediately and completely. There will be a public announcement on Luxstay.net


   The complainant also has the right to bring the case to authorized local government bodies for settlement. We will fully support the complainant and give all information needed to settle the dispute when required.



Customer can make a reservation and complete the payment for Luxstay by:

  • Direct payment at the headquarters of Luxstay Asset Management Company
  • Online payment
  • Transfer money to our bank account

   We will not charge the customers the fee but taking commission for each customers’ booking.






   To carry out the transactions successfully, minimize all the risks may arise, users, members and customers of Luxstay need to comply with the following commitments:

  • Members should not give detailed information about payments to anyone by e-mail, we are not responsible for any loss that may be incurred by members as a result of information exchange over the internet or by members e-mail.

Our mechanism to secure the transactions as below:

  • Membership management: registered users of Luxstay.net must provide sufficient relevant information and take full responsibility for this information. We will record all of your personal information, legal status for management purpose. We will update your information regularly at the same time create an evaluation based on these information.
  • We also evaluate based on customer's’ review and rating, therefore, we will have credit rating of any hosts
  • We put our maximum effort to resolve any complaint and dispute may arise. Your interests will be protected either by us or  the intervention of local governmental bodies.




1.   The main purpose of collecting customers information and the     scope of doing such act

   We collect your information with the only purpose is to manage your account, account registration, manage the membership, contact when any dispute occurs, provide our partners your information if required. We commit not to sell, share or exchange your personal information

   The types of information that we collect are: name, address, phone number, email.


2.   The use of member’s information

   The information of Luxstay’s members will be used and only be used for the purpose of controlling the listings by such members and facilitate potential transactions.


3.   Expiration time of information

   Our members’ information will be stored permanently. Except for the case that the member cancel.


4.   Address of the customers’ information manage department

   Address: 4th floor Star Tower, D32, Yen Hoa, Cau Giay, Hanoi.


5.    Personal information editing

   Registered users and customers can edit your information in the profile section of the Website. For members who are hosts, you cannot edit your listings that have been posted on the Website. If you want to change anything relating to the post, you need to contact Luxstay customer service department for moderation.


6.   Customer information privacy commitment
We commit your information will have absolute security, under the privacy policy of personal information of Luxstay. The collection and use of information for each member is only done when there is the consent of the members, except those cases where the law stipulates. Members have the right to check, update, adjust or cancel your personal information in accordance with our process. We will not disclose your personal information to any 3rd party or your use of the Website, except these following cases:

  • The provision of personal information to third parties has the consent of the member
  • Third parties are those parties who hire by Luxury Asset Management Company in order to manage the server, develop the Website and support the payment process.  In this case, the contract between Luxstay and such third parties must clearly define the responsibilities of each party in the protection of       user information, not share that information with anyone and only third party using the information of members to perform their duties. If there is an error with our information system that may cause a loss of members’ information. We and our deployed third-parties will inform authorized governmental bodies within 24 hours after the problem first discovered. Upon request of the legitimate government agencies. All acts willfully disclose customer information or customer information improperly reprehensible and handling. If you have a complaint relating to this disclose of information and improper use of such information, we will have certain verification mechanism and appropriate treatment, or if necessary, we will ask for the government intervention.


1.   Member rules

   We are responsible for securing and maintaining all activities under the registered accounts. You understand and agree to timely notice us all unauthorized use, breach of security, storage and password registered name of a third party and any improper act , to make appropriate treatment.

            The following conducts are strictly prohibited:

·         Submitted information is meant to be offensive to the online community, such as racist content, superstition, hatred or insult to any individual or group.

·         Engage in activities or submitting the information could be harmful to individuals and other organizations.

·         Engage in activities or submitting Material that harasses or advocates harassment of another person.

·         Participate in activities related to the transmission of "junk mail" or send an e-mail bulk unsolicited or "spam" to members and other users.

·         Participate in activities, submitted the information or spread the news of fraud, false, misleading, or propaganda, organizing activities abusive, threatening, obscene, defamatory or apply criticizing other members.

·         Sending information which is classified as pornography.

·         Send information to provide documentation and other illegal acts such as buying and selling goods and providing services that are banned, infringe upon the privacy of others or provide and distribute computer viruses.

·         Engage in activities or submitting information that reveal passwords or personally identifiable information for the purposes that are not beneficial to others.

·         Engage in commercial activities, trading without the consent of Luxstay, such as contests, sweepstakes, barter, advertising, or multi-level business.

·         Use the form on the website templates and free phone numbers for advertising and promoting other products and services purpose.

·         Using any technology or manually collect and record information showed on the Website for any purpose without permission of Luxstay.

·         Use any device or software to harm or intentionally violate Luxstay activity.



2.   List of restricted information for posting

   We only post information related to accommodations for rent, our programs, and definitely do not post information about other goods and services that lies outside our scope and code of conducts. Especially for the goods and services that limited by the government, such as:

·         Hunting rifles and ammunition hunting guns, sporting weapons, related support tools;

·         Cigarettes, cigars and other forms of tobacco finished products.

·         Any kind of wine or spirit.

·         Rare animals and plants, including living organisms and their parts have been processed.

·         And all the goods and services that have been banned and restricted.