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"The best way to increase income with your house"

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"Luxury and professional platform in renting house/villa"

Luxstay is an online platform that helps homeowners to run short-term stay business easily and professionally. Our main goal is to help homeowners achieve higher incomes from renting their apartments.

Luxstay was established in Singapore and has operation teams in many cities in Southeast Asia. We have talent and professional personnel to help you with design consultancy - home decoration, business management, customer service and reception, and professional cleaning services. Hundreds of hosts in Vietnam have joined Luxstay's affiliate program.

"Make smart investment and easy apartment management with Luxstay"


The superiority of Luxstay

The best one
Revenue increases rapidly
from 10% - 20%
The best two
Easy customer management
with online system
The best three
Average occupancy rate
from 20 to 28 days/month

Luxstay apartments standard

Located in economic or tourist center
Luxury apartments or fully furnished villas
Installed high-speed internet and cable TV

Luxstay cooperation options

Smart calendar management system

The hosts send Ical

Automatic connect to Luxstay system

Confirm before receive guest

15% revenue Listing pack
Marketing, adertising on Luxstay’s channels
24/7 online customer service
Personal account to directly transact with customers
Business management on Luxstay’s online platform
Booking report based on time or apartments